What Should A Time Traveler Bring On A Trip To Ancient Rome?

Bullet proof vest and other gear may or may not be helpful? Fire arms? Machine gun? Ancient Rome is a damned dangerous place to visit. Be vaccinated? Yes and get all your necessary travel shots maybe bring your own food with you. An English Latin Dictionary? Latin English dictionary? A toga? What if you get picked up and sold into slavery as an exotic? Bring a flame thrower? Gold precious stones favored at the time? pearls? Aspirin? A butane lighter? A taszer. Coming from the future you can just fit in and do as the Romans do or blind them with technology or some of both. Always bring some nice quality mirrors. Bring a camera with excess batteries and extra memory storage. No to worry just yet. The machine only goes fast foreward so far and cannot yet go back in time. It won't mater I can wait another 25 years to go back 2000 years....

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