Why China Has Made Time Travel Illegal?



Future Winning Lottery Ticket Numbers

Fifth Avenue, NYC on 8-3-9811

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Time Travel To Obama Care in 2030 Exposed!

NOW! http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/2758209/time_machine_travel_into_the_future.html?cat=60


planetary fun

NOW! http://www.associatedcontent.com/slideshow/36608/planetary_adventure_photos.html?cat=2




What Should A Time Traveler Bring On A Trip To Ancient Rome?

Bullet proof vest and other gear may or may not be helpful? Fire arms? Machine gun? Ancient Rome is a damned dangerous place to visit. Be vaccinated? Yes and get all your necessary travel shots maybe bring your own food with you. An English Latin Dictionary? Latin English dictionary? A toga? What if you get picked up and sold into slavery as an exotic? Bring a flame thrower? Gold precious stones favored at the time? pearls? Aspirin? A butane lighter? A taszer. Coming from the future you can just fit in and do as the Romans do or blind them with technology or some of both. Always bring some nice quality mirrors. Bring a camera with excess batteries and extra memory storage. No to worry just yet. The machine only goes fast foreward so far and cannot yet go back in time. It won't mater I can wait another 25 years to go back 2000 years....



No Time.


Visions of Time or Just playing with it.


Xian Project News



H.G. Wells And Jules Verne Will Jointly Hold A Lecture On The Subject Of Time Travel In Portland Oregon At The Barbara Roberts Memorial Auditorium

On June 15th , 2098 , H.G. Wells and Jules Verne Will Jointly Host A Lecture On The Subject of Time Travel. Please RSVP for Your Advanced Reservation. Payable to UFO Museum $150 per person. The Lecture will be hosted at the Barbara Roberts Memorial Auditorium in Portland , Oregon as the only exclusive engagement in The USA. Lecture begins percisely at 7 pm PST. A Second More extensive Time Travel conference series will be held on June 17th-21st, 2098 in Paris, France at the Paris Opera House. The third lecture will be held on July 3rd, 2098 at the Dalai Lama Center in Shanghi. All are welcome to attend. Tickets are $150 (US) for each day's lecture at all locations. Lectures and conferences to be presented in Enlgish and French with instant translation devices available in all other languages. Save the date. Admission at the door is $3000 (US) due to inflation.

Time Pieces and Logic

Clocks don't tell the time. They Fabricate it.

It's Not Time

Designing a Space-Time Clock is one hell of a project because it also has your coordinates in a sort of thee dimensional non analog format. I have just started working on this project. Looking back at some of my older art pieces I am thinking of an actual spherical 3-D interactive design. The problem with GPS for land coordinates is that we have to first put GPS satellites back in time. It really is not a problem to do that even at their rate of acceleration since everything moving though time reaches an even higher rate of speed in transit. The plan maybe to go with the new European GPS system since it probably is more advanced and does not necessarily hedge proximity for military security. http://www.associatedcontent.com/slideshow/28867/its_not_time_clocks.html?cat=2

Air Traffic Control

Time Travel once popularized will require traffic controllers just like air traffic does. People arriving from Ancient Rome will cross pathways with people going in the opposite time direction. It could very well become one big out of control mess. Even more complicated is how people will be able to transition themselves on to their favorite movie sets in production or into the fantasy illusion encapsulated in film movie time. H.G. Wells is getting angry about too many visitors already and he has moved to an undisclosed position in time space asking not to be bothered. We met yesterday with Jules Vern at the Oriental Hotel in Bangkok in 1999 for lunch. I can definitely get you into see Mr. Wells if you are what he calls "a someone worthwhile" by appointment only. Jules is even harder to find. Don't even ask.